RAIRing To Go?*

Welcome to RAIR: Random Augmentation Inside Residencies.

RAIR is a revolutionary new creative-card system that will almost certainly change your life in either a small way, a big way or not at all.

Formulated through bleeding-edge, state-of-the-blah-blah technology, it allows you to fulfil your creative potential while contemplating and cogitating inside your four walls.

Whatever the task, you simply select a card and apply the augmentation displayed to your current cognitive challenge.

Suddenly that average idea you’re working on is infinitely better. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. All thanks to RAIR.

Use RAIR to unleash your potentiality. It’s like a virtual trampoline for mental mind leaps and the straddlization of mind chasms. RAIR gets you… there!

“It’s changed my life for better... and worse!”
Unknown Corporate Finance CEO, Chattanooga

“A new sensation. A fabulous creation.”
B. Eno, Knob Twiddler

Not available in good stores or anywhere. Any similarity to other card-based creative strategies is entirely coincidental. Future thinking can go down as well as up.

* Yes

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